Popcorn and Donut

Popcorn is the extrovert of the pair; he is packed with attitude, and is a self described foodie (or at least that's what we think he yells about).  Although he has the ability to be sweet, he generally prefers to maintains his independence, perhaps this is due to the fact that  he came to us from the streets of Dallas (that is, the Dallas Animal Shelter).  Other than his dreadful work ethic, his only problem seems to be  portion control.

As if the Yin to Popcorns Yang, Donut is silent, stealthy, and the epitome of introversion.    Visitors rarely see this gray enigma, however, when around those whom he knows he relaxes and opens up (just a bit).  Technically the older of the two, he came to join us from Richardson Texas (specifically, the Richardson Animal Shelter).


Miscellaneous Pictures

We hope that the following set of random Popcorn and Donut pictures  meets or exceeds our sites not-so-legally required quota of cat pictures.


Winter, Popcorn, and Donut

With these new additions, one might justly be concerned that there would be "fighting like cats and dogs".  In this case, there is definitely no need to worry; although Winter doesn't pursue their companionship they often seem to favor her as a source of warmth.  In fact, the only cat-pug issue we have discovered is the fervent dedication in which Winter will seek out (processed and unprocessed) cat food.


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