Matthew and Wenyan

Matthew is one of the two founding members, the other being Winter, of  More information on Matthew can be found on the about Matthew Pettersson page.

Wenyan is the newest human member of the team; she began negotiations with Matthew in early 2015.  Fortunately for the rest of us, she has agreed and signed to be a team member (and functioning manager) at  See the about Wenyan Ji page for more information.

The First Few Years

Matthew and Wenyan were matched via an online recruiting firm (eHarmony) and held their first face to face meeting at a Cajun restaurant in Richardson TX.  The following images were taken during the first few years, before Wenyan officially joined the team.

On September 14 2015, using a little bit of graffiti, Matthew proposed (that Wenyan should join to Wenyan; she verbally accepted.


What's more stressful than one wedding?

Two weddings.  That is, Matthew and Wenyan were lucky enough to be able to have a wedding in the U.S. and in China.  The American wedding was very exclusive, only permitting their immediate family members, and took place in the Florida Keys.

The Chinese wedding took place in Wenyan's hometown of Qingdao.  This wedding was, due to the overwhelming popularity of the bride, more public and open to more than just immediate family.  For the prospective grooms,



Matthew and Wenyan have also been fortunate travelers.  Only experiencing a an occasional mishap, with no lost luggage (yet), they have visited much of Asia and the western United States.   Time and finances permitting, they will continue to slowly explore the worlds cultures (and foods).