Winter is the latest (seasonally named) 'man's best friend' here at First, was a sweet Golden Retriever mix named Autumn. Arguably, the pattern was established with Autumn's successor, a loyal Golden Retriever mix, named Summer. To bring a bit of adolescent energy to the mix, Summer had a little sister, a Golden Retriever, by the name of Spring.


Early Life

Winter was born on December 17th, 2007 in a rural Texas trailer.  At that time I was working at a Vet. hospital and living alone in a small apartment; I knew that I needed a small pet and wanted a dog with a fun and happy personality.  The decision came down to Pugs and King Charles Cavaliers.  For whatever reason, the Pugs won, and out to the country I went to find a dog.  When looking at the litter, I was drawn towards the single quiet puppy, the puppy which was sleeping and seemed most docile.  After picking her up, I was sold.  It wasn't until the next day at work that I found out she was acting, or rather, that she had worms and once she was healthy, she would be a little hellion.    Since then she's been along for the ride, has lived in several different states with me, seen Yellowstone, and been my navigator for thousands of miles.


Relationship Status

In the first half of 2009, Winter experienced puppy love and had an affair with a muscular black pug by the name of Wasatch (he is from Utah, hence his namesake).  The brief fling resulted in a litter of four beautiful puppies; indecently, one male and one female are fawn and one male and one female are black.  One litter of pug puppies, although extremely cute, was enough...  After eight weeks, eviction notices were served to each of the puppies as well as their dad.  Now, each of the puppies (and their dad) received ample attention and love in their new homes; one puppy didn't move far so she often visits her mom (winter).

The puppies can be viewed on Winter's Pictures page.


Pug Pictures

Indeed, the real reason anyone owns a pug, aside from their spirited yet funny personalities, is the way they look.  Some people love them, others do not; here at, we love them.

See Winter's Pictures.


Present Life

Currently, she lives the good life; sleeping and eating. In fact, we are continually stunned at her indolent inactivity as well as her uncanny (almost super-canine) ability to sleep.  Although we do not anticipate any deviations from this behavior we will log and report further findings...


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