This page contains links to code snippets as well as some previous projects.



Listed below are links to several more popular programming languages which we've either studied or used.  Each page starts with the vital download links and a brief section of the language's basic syntax.  The majority of the pages contain more interesting or commonly used (but perhaps not easily remembered) sections of code.  Then, the end of the pages contain links to tutorials, forums, questions, and other miscellaneous information about the page's language.   

Java - It's everywhere.  

C/C++ - Old school cool. 

Python - The easiest way to lazily throw something together. 

OCaml -  A pretty cool functional language.  

Prolog - The goto logic language. 


(My) Projects

A small subset of the more interesting or time consuming projects that we have worked on can be found on the (My) Project Page.  



Here, at, we believe in the ancient saying of a blind and mute Filipino: "the shortest pencil is longer than the best memory".  Furthermore, we know that when he said "shortest pencil", that he really meant "web pages", with "code snippets"...  It is to this end that we maintain a subset of code snippets, and not in any way so we can be lazy coders.  It is so we can reserve our aging mind's memories for the special things in life; celebrity weddings, where the keys are, the gas to oil mix ratio for the trimmer, celebrity baby names, football scores, and maybe, the names of our friends.  

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