This is essentially an index of all the code and projects hosted on



A small subset of the more interesting or time consuming projects that we have worked on can be found at:

  • Python Review: A general Python review, as well as, a set of programming (interview) questions and their Python implementations.
  • Java Review: A general Java review, as well as, a set of programming (interview) questions and their Java implementations.
  • Interview Review: A minimal set of non-language specific review topics for programming interviews.
  • A little information and history about this site.
  • REINSVerifier: A UTDallas(.edu) graduate project to prove aspects of the REINS algorithm.
  • pydan: A tool to interface with the Shodan API.



Listed below are links to several more popular programming languages which we’ve either studied or used.  Each page starts with the general and technical description of the programming language, vital download links, and a brief section of the language’s basic syntax.  The majority of the pages contain more interesting or commonly used (but perhaps not easily remembered) sections of code (that we use as a quick reference).  Then, the end of the pages contain links to tutorials, forums, questions, and other miscellaneous information about the page’s language.

  • Python – The easiest way to lazily throw something together.
  • Java – It’s everywhere.
  • C/C++ – Old school cool.
  • OCaml –  A very functional language.
  • Prolog – The goto logic language.


Our Motivation

Here, at, we believe in the aphorism of an old Buddhist monk: “the shortest pencil is longer than the best memory”.  After great meditation, we discovered that when he said “shortest pencil”, he really meant “web pages with code snippets” and when he said “best memory”, he really meant “best memory”.  To that end, that we maintain code so we can reserve our aging mind’s memories for the special things in life; celebrity baby names, where we left our keys, gas to oil ratio for the trimmer, football scores, and maybe, the date of our anniversary. In actuality, we earnestly hope that our efforts to disseminate a little bit of code has helped others in addition to us; maybe a stymied professional or a new programmer.


Need help, have a question; we would love to help. Just contact us with questions (or anything other than solicitations, that is, unless you are a real Nigerian prince with a large inheritance).