This page contains basic beginner and more advanced MySQL snippets; the purpose of this page is for those who are learning and like to learn via pure code as well as a location for mpettersson to keep snippets and MySQL related links. This pages subsections are:
MySQL 101
Miscellaneous MySQL Queries
MySQL Resources
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MySQL 101


Reserved Words

The following are Reserved Words in MySQL 5.0.96

add all alter
analyze and as
asc asensitive before
between bigint binary
blob both by
call cascade case
change char character
check collate column
condition constraint continue
convert create cross
current_date current_time current_timestamp
current_user cursor database
databases day_hour day_microsecond
day_minute day_second dec
decimal declare default
delayed delete desc
describe deterministic distinct
distinctrow div double
drop dual each
else elseif enclosed
escaped exists exit
explain false fetch
float float4 float8
for force foreign
from fulltext grant
group having high_priority
hour_microsecond hour_minute hour_second
if ignore in
index infile inner
inout insensitive insert
int int1 int2
int3 int4 int8
integer interval into
is iterate join
key keys kill
leading leave left
like limit lines
load localtime localtimestamp
lock long longblob
longtext loop low_priority
match mediumblob mediumint
mediumtext middleint minute_microsecond
minute_second mod modifies
natural not no_write_to_binlog
null numeric on
optimize option optionally
or order out
outer outfile precision
primary procedure purge
read reads real
references regexp release
rename repeat replace
require restrict return
revoke right rlike
schema schemas second_microsecond
select sensitive separator
set show smallint
soname spatial specific
sql sqlexception sqlstate
sqlwarning sql_big_result sql_calc_found_rows
sql_small_result ssl starting
straight_join table terminated
then tinyblob tinyint
tinytext to trailing
trigger true undo
union unique unlock
unsigned update usage
use using utc_date
utc_time utc_timestamp values
varbinary varchar varcharacter
varying when where
while with write
xor year_month zerofill

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MySQL Resources


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