We first registered this domain on 2011-02-28, and since then, some things have not changed, for instance; Winter is still our mascot, although, the cats will eventually usurp her.  Perhaps more concerning is the fact that we haven’t hired a graphics designer, and consequently, we haven’t won any design awards.
On the other hand, we have also made some tremendous progress.  One example is the expansion of our team; we are extremely pleased with our new management and it’s treacherous kitties.  Furthermore, we have progressed in our implementations of mpettersson, in our attempt to learn and grow.


mpettersson Implementations

Not too long after mpettersson was registered in 2011, the first hosted the implementation was available.  The first version of this site were experiments based on static HTML/CSS, these early results  can be seen in the image below or experienced in full at
The second major version attempt was an ASP.NET Web Forms implementation, which due to a steep learning curve and low priority, was never publicly hosted.  Although ASP.NET is widely used and popular, here at mpettersson, we have yet to become a “Microsoft shop”.
The current version is built with WordPress, a content management system based on PHP and MySQL.  This design choice was influenced by time limitations, ease of implementation, and more importantly, the PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and jQuery learning possibilities that come with maintenance and customization of a WordPress site.
To experience our progress first hand, or to see how much the site has changed, please take a gander at the original geriatric version of at
A screenshot of the original


As always, please contact us with comments, concerns, questions, etc. regarding this page.