(My) Labs

This will contain some information and pictures of my lab setups.  The labs are used for different purposes, pen testing, exploit development training/development, networking, and even forensics.
MacBook Pro (a.k.a. the daily driver)
Alienware Laptop (a.k.a. one heavy sob)
Half Rack (a.k.a. gotta get a second job to afford the fracking electric bill...)
As always, please contact us with comments, concerns, questions, job offers, etc. regarding security related labs and configurations.

MacBook Pro

The one non-phone computer most likely to be on or around me at any given time is an old MacBook Pro.  This machine is sufficiently powerful to host multiple VMs in VMware Fusion despite being technically considered a technology fossil.  A few key upgrades, doubling the ram and swapping the HD to a SSD, has allowed it to stay relevant and useful.  In fact, this MacBook has options the current MacBook customers could only wish for; a built in DVD drive, ethernet, thunderbolt, and multiple USB ports...

Alienware Laptop

This rather blunt geometric object (laptop) was intended as a replacement for the above mentioned MacBook Pro, however, the large screen and what must be an internal miniature nuclear reactor ended up causing the machine to be to large, heavy, and overall cumbersome. Since it simply isn't a feasible 'daily driver', therefore it 'works from home' most of the time, yet, the 2.5 terabytes of solid state drives, dual Nvidia GPUs, and 32 Gig of ram allow for fun...

Half Rack

For a more deafening, or 'real', hardware lab I've acquired a half height server rack full and slowly filled it with switches, servers, routers, firewalls, a KVM, etc. The equipment was gathered over a period of about 6 months via sites like craigslist, eBay, and even amazon. This dilapidated equipment, much of which is no longer appreciated by the companies, banks, and individuals who sold them, provide a large and diverse surface in which many operating systems (including embedded systems) can be used to learn and as large weak and otherwise helpless targets to exploit. I would highly suggest browsing eBay and craigslist for used equipment, especially combo deals that come with miscellaneous assorted HW, just repair or cannibalized as needed to get the lab going. That being said, please know that the initial HW cost is trivial compared to the longterm effect on your electric bill. Admittedly, the minimal use of visualization software adds to the user experience of this lab and give it an authentic 'old school' personality.
NOTE: Once some diagrams detailing the setup are created I will post both the diagrams and pictures of the rack in this section.

The B.L.A.C.K. BOX

The B.L.A.C.K. box is a highly advanced, highly technical, polypropylene copolymer electronic storage device, well... technically, it's just a pelican case.  However, it does house some helpful forensic hardware such as write blockers, duplicators, converters/dongles, and other disk control hardware.

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