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This site, mpettersson.com, is merely a collection of coding (software programming) and (cyber) security related information. Details regarding the origins of the site, as well as, the two main topics of software programming and the ever critical art of cyber security can be accessed via the links below. Thank you for visiting!
M. Pettersson

These pages contain helpful or interesting resources and code snippets for multiple programming languages.


These pages contain all things cyber security; tools, books, scripts, tutorials, (my) labs, and related information.


A section about Matthew Pettersson and his pug dog Winter.




Please excuse the works in progress, especially on pages which are only partially completed... We appreciate your patience and are continuously engaged in the development, addition, and improvement of the pages herein. For the sake of example, or to see how far we have progressed, take a gander at the original version of mpettersson.com.

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