What is mpettersson.com?

mpettersson.com is a web-based project created and supported by Matthew Pettersson.  The name "mpettersson" is a portmanteau of the words Matthew and Pettersson. mpettersson's pages focus on a special blend of programming, cyber security, and pugs.


The mpettersson.com team.

We believe in a dynamic and lightweight management topology; it is for this reason, and not for any other more obvious or logical reasons, that there are currently two staff personal (well, one is a dog).


CEO. For additional information on our director, please navigate to the Wenyan Ji page.

 Matthew Pettersson

The brains, bank, workhorse, and pretty much everything else for mpettersson.com. For additional information on our lead minion, please navigate to the about Matthew Pettersson page.

Winter (a.k.a. Puggy, a.k.a. Pug-butt, a.k.a. Punk)

More than just another cute face; Winter is the chief executive president of laziness at mpettersson.com, a job she takes very seriously.  For more information about our CEPOL, please see the about Winter page.

Popcorn and Donut a.k.a. 爆米花 (Bào mǐhuā) and 甜甜圈 (Tián tián quān)

Despite being appawlingly purrsuasive distractions, hissterically bad at math, and constantly achieving the bare mewnimum Popcorn and Donut maintain their positions at mpettersson.com.   For more internet cat pictures, please see the about Popcorn and Donut page.



As always, visit the Contact page with comments, concerns, questions, etc...